Christmas Gifts Cost Me Zero Dollars

I wanted to let my people (you) in on my little secret hustle. Christmas season is a very busy time of the year. Some may start to plan early and even join savings clubs to accomplish gift buying. Well I did neither, but there’s more than one way to skin a cat. (I sound like my mother).

I was able to buy presents at zero cost to me. Truth is…  I took the route of collecting Wal-Mart receipts from purchases ; whether it be big or small. Something as simple as receipts allowed me to get ahead on some of my Christmas gifts this holiday season. As a single-parent I am always on the hunt for money savings ventures or even freebies. Once I did my research on the Savings Catcher Rewards Program I immediately started scanning. It was free, simple, and I was not losing anything so what the heck!

Scanning for me started in January 2017. What I did was saved my receipts, alone with my family and friends receipts because I refused to leave any money on the table during my journey, besides my love ones were only throwing their receipts away as I know some of you do too. That’s one reason I wanted to share this “hustle” secret.

How it works? 

  • Download the Wal-Mart app to your phone. (No Charge)
  • You will get a bar code icon at the top right; click it.
  • The options are to scan the receipts or type in the numbers from your receipts.
  • Then you submit. Simple right!

How much will you get back in return for scanning?

I’m sure your wondering how much money will you receive in return for scanning..? That depends on your purchases and how much you spend during each shopping visit. The Savings Catcher works against competitors advertisements. For example, if a competitor is running a better deal on an item that you purchased, Wal-Mart will give you the difference.

You have the option of cashing out on your reward dollars as early as you choose or you can do as I did and let the dollars build for the year and use them for Christmas gifts. You do have up to 7 days after your purchase to actually scan the receipts before they are no longer any good. During my journey,  I collected a total of $47 from January to December. As stated before it depends on how much you shop at Wal-Mart and what you are purchasing, you may collect double of my rewards throughout your journey. The cash out process is just as easy, you may have your dollars sent to an email address print the bar code offline from your email and take the print out to any register, allow the cashier to scan from your phone, or the dollars can be sent to a Wal-Mart gift card.

When using this app you can see:

  1. What have you purchased.
  2. What date it was purchased on.
  3. How much you will get back from that transaction.

Now of course this is not a get rich type ordeal, just an easy way to have extra bucks with little work and no experience. I felt the need to share this for anybody who wants to incorporate this into their 2018 plans or you could start as early as today. I plan to look into other companies for more opportunities such as this one. Hopefully since the cat is out the bag, this will help someone. Feel free to post, share, comment, and subscribe to my blog for future lifestyle/fashion tips.

What similar “hustles” would you like to share to help someone in their year of 2018? Sharing is caring!

Peace & Love until next time…

A Sacrificed Fashion Blogger

Lately I’ve had writers block. Not much to say, not much to think about outside of my actual personal life; such as parenting, bills, Christmas you know the whole nine yards. Shopping for myself has not been at the top of my agenda so therefore, I have been at a lost for words with nothing to post regarding my style, thrift finds, inspirations or any bargains.

When you go so long without writing, you stop believing in yourself. You begin to feel this sense of failure and you even become lost in the blogging community, or at least that’s how I felt. We battle ourselves daily, we talk ourselves out of success, and we dwell on the negative, when we are only cheating ourselves out of our birthright.

I did not do any Black Friday shopping, for one reason finances would not allow that secondly, I’m not for the madness. I’m sure there were plenty of deals and sales floating around that I could have benefited from and used for a blog post, but when you are a single parent, you think extra hard about needs and wants, you make your money last and you budget very precisely. Don’t get me wrong, my family is a huge support system but as a mother you always want to make sure you are making wise decisions and your children are put first and never being deprived of their childhood or fun activities so that leaves you to make sacrifices.

I sacrificed my blog this season to make sure my ducks were in a row…. I had and still do have plenty of great ideas floating in my head but as of right now I can not bring those ideas to life. Photo shoots have been on the back burner, along with personal shopping.

You see all these amazing posts and fashion bloggers and think WOW  he/she must be rich! …. but what I have learned is to never compare yourself to another blogger. Never become jealous or feel like you have to keep up with the Joneses because everybody’s situations varies and there is no such thing as a life that is better than yours.* {In my J.Cole voice.}

I will continue to create, build a better blog, grow my audience, and relate to others because that’s primarily why Clothesyourlegs was created. Sometimes a sistah just need time for spiritual maintenance so don’t leave or forsake me just go on this journey with me as I grow my fashion blog, learn the ropes, and find balance.

If anyone have suggestions, comments, questions please feel free to reach out to me.

How do you find balance?

What sacrifices have you made this season?

If your a single parent growing your business or reaching goals how do you stay focused and inspired?


A scarified single-mother fashion blogger.




Super-Size Your Winter!

Recycling is the way of life! Even with fashion trends. Making a comeback from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s in the millennium is trending big time!… One trend that I did not see coming is the “puffer coats”.

I was forced to wear one of these during my childhood times and now the puffer is being worn as a trend by celebrities and fashion guru’s. Now Missy Elliot was and still is my favorite female artist of all times. She started and created the trends of many being worn today, including the old puffer. 

First time seeing the swag of puffer jackets was with Missy on her Under Construction album that was released back in Novemeber 2002. One of my all time favorites by the way. Missy wore the baby pink puffer with Nikes and Kangol cap expressing herself through not only hip hop but fashion. 

Recording artist Missy Elliot

Your puffer coat has been seen wore as street-style fashion whether it’s with jeans, sweatpants, shorts, dresses, or skirts. 

Let’s take a look into the 2017 chic version of the puffer coat. 

Ri Ri giving levels to the puffer jacket.
Get casual.

The puffer may come in shorter or longer lengths. Colors may vary along with prices. 

Shorter version.

I recommend Burlington Coat Factory for lower prices or get lucky and try your local thrift shop. Can’t go wrong with a budget and a trend.


There is not an age on the puffer trend. Made for the young and old…

Red puffer.

There is not anything new underneath the sun only reincarnation… 

Will you be super-sized this winter? How will you wear your puffer coat? 

Hope you enjoyed reading and don’t forget to subscribe to the blog for more trends, tips, and ideas.

*Photos complimentary of Pinterest.

Food-Friendly Outfits for Thanksgiving Dinner 2017

Homemade dishes, good music, and unlimited beverages, family activities whatever you typically do to give thanks… get ready for it! 

Once you get done pigging out, you still want to look refreshed and have wiggle room in your clothes. I strive for comfortably when I’m getting dressed but especially around this time of year when I’m expecting turkey. Dressing comfy and cute takes some strategy. Allow me to give 5 tips without compromising your style this season.

  1. Oversized sweaters and leggings.
  2. Two piece jogger is perfect.
  3. A sweater dress and knee boots are comfy & chic.
  4. Anything with an eslastic waitband.
  5. Oversized skirts with sweaters/cardigans.

These 5 looks can be interchangeable so take a little bit of this and that and play. If your not a sweater chick go for a simple Tee shirt. Personally, I would stay away from the jeans at the dinner table unless they are the best stretchy pair you own.

Enjoy your holidays in and cute flirty wardrobe! Subscribe and thanks for reading.

What it means to be chick!

The beret hats are the most chickest thing I’ve seen. Chic, stylist, and warm for these cold days ahead.

I went browsing inside the mall a few weeks back looking for inspiration and ideas on how to upgrade my wardrobe. Seeing the beret hats I knew instantly this was what I needed in my life. The beret comes in different colors and even cute saying embroidered on the inside. Forever21 has plenty of styles from fur balls, chains, anything you could think of to jazz up your beret french style. 

Now as you know, I’m not into the “trends”. I dig the beret based off how fashionable and how well it fits my personality…. And their cheap! Let’s see how these ladies are rocking their hats.

The basic black matches everything.
Dress it and make it look sexy. Make a statement with a the fur faux coat and a boat.
Zoe Karvitz rocks her beret in a casual way.
Red is in. Find a pair of shades that match the beret.
Go teel.
Tee shirts will compliment your beret.
Go on and colorblock with your beret. Don’t be afraid!
Rihanna goes the extra mile with a leather beret.

You have the option of dressing your hat up or down. I also like the beret hats because they are unisex piece so try out the men’s department and find some even cooler patterns. I know for sure Forever21 & Amazon will have you covered if you decide to purchase your chic beret hat.

Thanks for reading. If you cop yourself a beret this winter, tell a sistah about it so I can compliment how fashionable you look. Maybe we can be twinzies!

Shout out to Pinterest for the photos.

Magic City Made

Being a military brat, I lived and traveled to several states. Both of my parents are from Birmingham, Al so this is where I call home.

Birmingham, Al has a reputation for high crime rates, rising HIV/AIDS, low paying occupations, poor school systems, and let’s not forget the racism history, but Birmingham is so much more than the negative. You see Birmingham is on the rise for  great things. We are on the rise for greatness and creating a vibrant city. By providing new jobs, (fingers crossed for Amazon) bringing awarness and free testing for diseases and giving the Magic City a chance to shine through with the gifts of fashion/beauty.

This past week designers/Founders of Magic City Fashion Week, DerekDeAndre and Daniel Grier blessed the city with a weeks worth of excitement, networking, free HIV testing, fashion tips, celebrity guests and much much more. These two men saw past the naysayers and decided to extend the positivity of Birmingham and cultivate bloggers, stylist, desginers, MUA, and photographers of the city.

Lets recap! And see how MCFW went

The magic city fashion events ran from October 24th until October 28th. Each day was a different genre of styles which in my opinon kept the agenda fun, flirty, and intresting. Even the locations were changed each day, so if you were new to the area or you don’t get out much you were able to explore a new facility.

Day one was kicked off with “Tailored Tuesday” at Cottons Department Store. This was a showcasing for our gentleman. Unfortunately, I was unable to make this show but from all the footage and being in attendance for the other shows following that week I know I missed a treat.

Day two transition for the ladies. “Everyday Woman Wednesday” hosted by the lovely Victoria Sanders B.K.A. Vicstyles one of my inspirational bloggers. This event took place at Belk in the Summit. Lily Pulitzer also showcased her colorful printed resort spring collection. Ladies were given tips and guidelines on how to create and transition their wardrobe young or old everyone walked away with knowledge. 

The people tuned in for tips and guidelines on fashion.

Top 3 things every lady should have in their closet:

  1. A nice black dress.
  2. A tailored black suit jacket.
  3. A pump nothing too fancy keep it simple.
    Models gather with Vicstyles.
  • Day threeStreetstyle Thursday” show was held at Macy’s inside the Brookwood mall. This was one of my favorite shows hands down. I consider my wardrobe to be an upscale street style so I was pumped and ready. Everyone from different walks of life brought their own sense of style making it a diverse environment. Special guest DJ Gorgeous was on the ones and twos mixing up nice sounds for our models to strut their stuff.
My streetstyle went something like this.

Last but not least Fashion Friday was the grand show held at the Goldstein & Cohen building. We had emerging fashion desginers competing for over $5,000 worth of prize.

Magic City Fashion Week out did themselves with the finale. The show was full of beautiful human beings with fall season in full effect. Tall boots, dresses, hats, velvet, ( I love Velvets) furs you name it.


The finale show was hosted by Beyonces very own style team Ty Hunter and Raquel Smith. The hostess interacted with the designers, models, and stylist. Questions were asked by the audience members. Advice and goals were passed along from Mr. hunter himself.

Stay off social media and use that time to build your brand and work on goals.

Don’t be afraid, you can’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone.

There’s a first for everything.

Stylist explaining his inspirations.

Ty Hunter dropping gems to an audience member.

It was Splashiversary Emerging Designer Competition with Daniel Grier & DerekDeandre. During the show, Splashed by DKG presented their brandModels were to wear the designer pieces and rip the runway. The ambiance was elegant and laid back, it was a vibe! 

DerekDeandre & Daniel Grier Splashed by DKG



After models were done showcasing, it was time to vote a winner. This was such a hard decision because every designer gave 100% and did an awesome job. You had 5 designers to choose for the win; Ariel Smith, Demetrius Blayde, Ashley Stoves, Shan Latris, and Kenya Buchanan. Kenya B.was the grand prize winner leaving the venue with over $5,000 worth of prize.

Winning pieces.
Winning pieces.
Winning pieces.
Winner Kenya B.(left) showing a fan some love.

This is how you cultivate by bringing opportunities to your city so that individuals will not have the need to travel and move to bigger cities such as New York and Atlanta to be successful. I don’t know about you but I am glad two African-american men thought enough of Birmingham to create MCFW. I am so excited to see what next year brings, and the year after that, and the year after that.

MCFW  mission is to fill the void in the Birmingham creative community while emerging talent to express themselves through fashion, bring social change, and promote diversity. This platform did just that if not more. MCFW will grow beyond measures but we need your support. To find out how you can get involved head over to to see more on this year’s extravaganza.

Top: Jessica Simpson Shorts: Forever21 Boots: Citi Trends

Is music the Weapon?

Do you believe music changes your sense of style? What about Ideas? Vision? Smell?

Do you believe music and fashion go hand and hand?

I answer Yes!  

This past weekend, actually every morning to jump start my day; I have listened to the magnificent Fela Kuti. His tunes are like no other; leaving me speechless.Vibing to music is essential for me, if I can’t relate or feel the essence it becomes pointless. To give a brief background on Fela Kuti,  he was a musician and a Nigerian tornado of man. Free spirited, flawed, unbalanced soul and this is why I have gravitated towards his craft. His clothing choices were authentic and expressive. Wearing underwear in public to do interviews and make appearances is such BOLDNESS.

I finally can say this was music to my ears. 

The instruments and seriously cool energy I hear throughout the songs changes my mood, with a burst of spirit lifiting effects. Makes you want to dance in the streets. The sounds and vibrations put me in a zone of the 70’s era. Burn yourself a incense, light a candle, and turn on the disco ball whatever is your choice. Erykah Badu recommends burning a nice one.

Allow me to explain what I see in Fela’s music. Each photo gives fashion details of what Fela Kuti looks like through my eyes as I listen through my earpieces.

Colors and textures. Heavy metals hand crafted.
Big hair and free from fear.. add some Baduizm.
A “juke joint” full of ladies in dresses along with men in suits and ties blowing clouds of smoke.
Reading|Writing|Ideas|Creatvity| can be inspired with Fela background sounds. I’m writing as I listen to Fela Kuti radio. 
Bohemian grooves
Fly guys who can smooth talk a lady.
The last words of Fela himself. Well said Sir.

I don’t have a Vinyl player but after receiving word that Ms. Erykah Badu curated a box set series of Fela Kuti include seven pioneer albums: Yellow Fever, No Argeement, J.J.D., V.I.P., Coffin For Head of State, Army Arrangements, and Underground System I will surely be investing in a vinyl player. 

Music gives me inspiration, motivation, and enhances my creatvity and even boost my wardrobe ideas. I guess music is a medium for spreading the message. Thank you Mr. Kuti for being a genius and channeling your spirit.

What do you feel/see when you are listening to music? 

The Thrifted Project Runway 

Everybody does not have to know you are broke! That’s one reason I love thrifting. You can look marvelous on a budget, find artisty pieces, and even mimic celebrity looks. People are jumping on this frugal bandwagon, even to host fashion shows.

On this past Friday, Max Rykov hosted an free but amazing charitable thrift store runway event in Birmingham, Alabama at Trim Tab Brewing Company.  This was not your ordinary fashion show. The runway consisted of wacky, tacky, and creative wardrobe pieces.

The awesome host: Max Rykov

Racks were filled with plenty of patterns, fabrics, and designs donated from the finest thrift stores in the the Greater Birmingham Metropolitan Area.

 How did the event workA total team of 8 with groups of 4 signed up with a fee of $20 each to compete. Each team was assigned a stylist, model, and a seamstress. The profits benefited the non-profit organization Bib&Tucker Sew Op. Teams had unlimited time to shop the racks and then pass their items along to the seamstress who then sewed together the outfits. The models were to rip the runway to be judged by local panelist.


While outfits were being sewed, Birminghamians were able to shop racks, try on clothes, visit the food truck, socialize, and purchase beverages. There was even a professional photographer taking free photos by the name of Marika Johnson.

A look

Great things transpired on Friday night. Money was raised for a great a cause, individuality was at an all time high, and people had an overall amazing time. I’m always down for anything invovling thrifting, so as soon as I heard about a Thrift Store Runaway I immediately contacted Max for more information on how to be apart of this extravaganza.

What did I wear? 

A $1.99 tan crop top| $2.99 oversized burgundy pants| Target brand of Tevas shoes|Purse?|Hair by me. 

A Million Dollar style for < $20.

I came thrifted and ready to be with my thriftsociety.

Photo Cred: Marika Johnson

Why & Where do you thrift?

The Perks of Vendor Shops

We all have to get out and shop periodocally for the things we need and want. Sometimes going inside the mall is just not an option. Dealing with traffic, people, and long lines can be a headache especially on a busy day like Saturday. This is why I am so grateful for the vendors that participated in the Magic City Market this past Saturday at the Ensley Live Loft hosted by Magic City Fashion Week. Several vendors packed the venue with creativity and astonishing gifts.

You had vendors from all walks of life such as Boarderlandcreations. Shopping with boardercreations was fun! You can find custom made pieces for all ages. My daughter even fell in love with a pair of earrings that were on the clearance table. Yes!! Clearance items were on the market Saturday. You also had more jewerly vendors like Paparazzi, where all jewerly is $5. Of course, you can not have a market without clothes and shoes. Desginers Splashed by DKG, Velvet Lux, Seamstress and desginer TaQuimia Baseemah owner of Q´z Closet and many more were present.

If you needed a handbag, K &T’s Boutique had you covered along with speciality handbags by AdaChic Designs which are made from Africa.

I spoke with the ladies of SoPerfect Studio located on Lorna Road. At SoPerfect Studio you can purchase hair extensions for a reasonable price. There were samples of their product to test during Saturday’s market and I will be visiting these ladies soon for my next hair extension purchase. Besides, us girls are always looking for a friendly place to buy great hair.

After the excitement of shopping and networking more than likely you will work up an appetite. That part was covered nicely as well. Food and drinks were served during the market keeping your energy levels high and the vibes flowing. I don’t know about you, but a snack is always welcomed during my shopping time. This way I can continue my shopping needs without having to leave for lunch.

My favorite highlight of the market was the juice station. Test tasting natural healthy juices with Rochelle Liston was a new experience and regreshing since we’re still topping out at 85°. There you can get all your fruits and vegetables in one setting. She gave out samples for her customers to taste as we guessed what ingredients were used to make the natural juices.

I love markets for these very specific reasons.

  • I like to support local vendors
  • No long lines/traffic jams
  • Network, the learning of new businesses and upcoming entrepreneurs
  • Custom made items to purchsse
  • If your as luckily as I was, your event will serve mimosas too.

What I wore? …. Thrift with a mix of desginers. 


Cardigan: K&G 

Money bag: Coach

Shorts: Old Navy 

Shoes: New Balance

Thanks Magic City Fashion Week for an amazing gathering! I enjoyed shopping, sipping, and socializing without having to fight for a park and stand in a big crowd of people. Looking forward to more events in the city. Hopefully, you all can check out the vendors listed and find great items to bring home.

We all have fears: Networking is mine.

Being a newbie to networking, I always get this feeling of anxiety and “bubbleguts” in my belly when I have an event to attend with a room full of strangers. In the past, I have chickened out on events and meetings from fear of having to interact with my peers. Wondering if I will make a good impression or say the right things. I could find 99 reasons why I could not make a networking event. Although, there are times when things do get crazy around my house since I am a mother first and I work a full-time job, I knew I was using this as a crutch to not network. Depsite the networking anxiety I had to prepare myself so that I would not miss another opportunity and to learn new things.

I missed the first Blogger’s night out hosted by Magic City Fashion Week back in August, but I made a vow to myself that I would mark my calendar and show for part II of the event. It was not an easy task. All day at work I sat at my desk and thought of again, 99 reasons why I could not make this event. The devil was on one shoulder and a angel on the other. I turned the negative switch off, fought my demons, got dressed, and went to blogger’s night out on the rooftop at The Redmont Hotel. 

As I arrived, the ambience was amazing and seeing smiling faces put me at ease immediately. We had two beautiful professional guess speakers; Javacia the Founder of See Jane Write and author Curtrice Williams. These two ladies gave us a precious gift of knowledge, wisdom, and tips that we as bloggers can carry along the way. No matter if your a beginner, intermediate, or expert blogger here are a few things to remember.

  • Staying consist and being transparent to your readers.
  • Treat your blog like a job, show up and write something even if it’s just a sentence.
  • Write daily or else it takes away from your creativity.
  • Before writing, ask youreslf how do you feel right now and why?
  • Find your niche.

What did I wear???

Simple. A $4.99 dress shirt I picked up along the way at the thrift store. I like layers, so with that being said I placed some biker shorts found at H&M underneath my shirt, threw on a pair of ankle boots and accessorized with some fun socks and a hat. I try not to over think when it comes to dressing myself especially since I’m already on overload with the thought of “networking”. Typically, I find one piece of clothing I love and coordinate everything else around that one favorite piece.

My favorite piece was my shirt.

Not showing for part II of bloggers night out would have been a disservice to myself. I’m so glad I did not allow the demons to deter me from attending. I left conquering my fears, feeling ambitious, and energetic.

~No matter how you feel, get up, dress up, show up, and never give up.