Fashion Show Chronicle: D Royal Queendom Style

 You better walk girl!  Yess! Are phrases and words you may hear from the audience as a model, yes walking is very important and models love to feel the rush and excitement from the crowd but there is so much more that is tied into fashion shows other than the walk.

Ms. Dee Dee Pippens put this exquisite fashion show together for models of all sizes, shapes, heights, and skin complexions. D Royal was not only to encourage and express feminism of woman but to also celebrate a cervical cancer survivor. You see fashion can go beyond the clothes, hair, and makeup. People look and conclude that models and fashion shows are just pretty girls walking to look glamorous, but make no error I have to let the universe know that the woman behind the makeup and clothes are smart, talented young ladies who have to elevate their minds to discuss business ideas and give suggestions to make sure the show is aligned correctly.


Models standing in 6 inch heels or better preparing to walk a lengthy runway with lights, cameras, with tons of people watching.

My position during D Royal Queendom show was to assist models, designers, and vendors. Behind the curtains you will not see all the blood, sweat, tears, and frustrations that are placed into a fashion show. There are long hours of  rehearsals, meetings with designers, coordinators, contracts, ticket sales, making sure you have an “A” team etc…

Keep in mind backstage we are dealing with missing earrings, shoes that are lost, and overall unexpected turmoil that can not and will not stop a fashion show from continuing. Everyone has a role to play and those expectations are expected to be meet during the production enabling a great flow of the show. There is minimum time in between changing clothes for each designer. During this particular show we had 12 designers in which over 20 models had to hustle to change into their designs and accessory pieces without having hair and makeup to melt like chocolate in rooms that are very much so heated.

Tools/schedule is needed to keep track and communicate during a fashion show.

Once the presentation has been presented to the audience and you see the smiles, excitement, hear the applauses of the people, you then receive your reward for the late nights and early mornings. Fashion shows are loaded with fun and adrenal rushes. You meet nice, cool, down to earth individuals who are seasoned with information that can be passed along to the next person. This was my first fashion show and I am so delighted to have been paired with Ms. Dee Dee for a great first experience. I learned so much from following her and the amazing designers, the models were nice never complained about one thing. These are the kind of woman you should strive to be next to in a room. I wish I could do it all over again but stay tuned there is so much more coming with me evolving in shows and fashion lifestyles.

Models leaving their mark on the runway.

2 thoughts on “Fashion Show Chronicle: D Royal Queendom Style

  1. This was a really great coverage for someone who wasn’t able to attend. You captured the models in a great light. I enjoyed this read and your perception of the event.


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