Staying comfy with miles ahead.

Trips are always exciting! You get to explore, search, and experience something outside of your normal day to day routine. I’m taking a much needed one day trip to Chattanooga, TN. Of course the night before I held an hour of what should I wear party in my bedroom?”

Comfort. That’s what came to mind. I’ll be sitting and sitting for hours so I said self ” keep it comfy and cute. ” I pulled out a pair of blue stretchy jeans that snugs my thighs and legs to show the curves. Grabbed a lozy oversized boyfriend shirt to give me wiggle room. You know I’m a denim kind of girl….so why not add a denim jacket to spice it up. Denim does something to my soul! Lastly, comfortable shoes are important to have when traveling so I pulled out my imatation brand of Skechers. 

Lozy boyfriend shirt with a spice of denim for flavor.

Simple right?  If you choose to you may add a couple accessories. Throw a crossbody bag across your shoulders or a nice backpack. Leave that big purse at home it’s not needed. A single chain necklace will do or a pair of stud earrings. I rarely travel without my layers of bracelets. Accessories will give you a dose of high fashion for the simplest outfit.

Crossbody purse for your personal belongings.
I found these kicks @ Dirt Cheap for $5.

Travel kit

Author: Aftotunes

I'm Mesha and I've created this wonderful blog to express my art for fashion and to insipire woman. Here I want to discuss fashion lifestyles and discuss behind the scenes of how I create what I create for myself and others. I've been hungry for fashion since grade school and I'm ecstatic to bring my creativity to life. I became a natural headed girl in 2015 but I live for a good wig or nice extensions. I express myself through clothes, makeup, and hair. I used to be afraid of what others would think if I wore a certain shirt or color but then I came to the realization that I set the trend for myself not others so I allow others to adjust to my patterns and colorful wardrobe. I've learned to wear what I like and creative what I love!

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