How to Boho Chic

Bohemian tips

The weather is beginning to warm up down South so you know what that means… Yes!! skin. Time to show skin and if you’re a badass your ready to give it to them straight no chaser. I perfer bright colors, comfortable, loose, but danity and light weight apparel items.I suggest maxi skirts, oversized shirts, distressed shorts, anything to stay cool and look good while doing it. Being that it was Earth day, I wanted to keep my colors earthy. Below is my oversized dashiki style top for the price of $10. You could also add a fringe vest or skinny jeans to master the Boho-style. I placed jean shorts underneath my top. Even wearing a flowy cardigan with a floppy hat will give a nice image.

Oversized lavender dashiki

As I’ve always stated adding accessories can bloosom an outfit. I wanted to master my boho-chic attitude and so I added some of my vintage bracelets to my wrist. The key here is to find whatever bracelets you like and throw it all on one wrist or ankle. It’s aye ok to become a junkie to create this look. You could even place toe rings on your toes for an flashback 90’s look.

Stacked bracelets.
A defective earring  turned into a hair jewel.

Feel free to create your own hair pieces, clothes, and style. Keep things around your home that you would normally throw away and ask yourself or Youtube a way to recycle or create a fashion trend. I kept my broken earrings and used them to create a jewerly piece for my protective style. Be free! Create!

Author: Aftotunes

I'm Mesha and I've created this wonderful blog to express my art for fashion and to insipire woman. Here I want to discuss fashion lifestyles and discuss behind the scenes of how I create what I create for myself and others. I've been hungry for fashion since grade school and I'm ecstatic to bring my creativity to life. I became a natural headed girl in 2015 but I live for a good wig or nice extensions. I express myself through clothes, makeup, and hair. I used to be afraid of what others would think if I wore a certain shirt or color but then I came to the realization that I set the trend for myself not others so I allow others to adjust to my patterns and colorful wardrobe. I've learned to wear what I like and creative what I love!

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