Curvy is the new black!

Plus size models are the new new honey *snaps finger twice. If you are sleep on them it’s time to wake up because these ladies are coming to slay the streets and runways. I always get excited to see my plus size girls carrying their weight well and looking amazing in their clothes. Being a plus size girl myself, I can relate to the hardships of finding nice clothes that look good. I’m glad to say on the behalf of bigger girls we are ecstatic to find more peices that insinuate our curves. The universe is finally making clothes with more materials, boutiques are catering to our needs, and fashion designers are keeping us in mind when designing.

As an aspiring stylist and a fashionsta I wanted to utilize a curvy plus size model to display how you can be a curvy chick and still kill the game as long as you wear it with confidence. Wear the clothes don’t let them wear you!

 I paired together and jersey shirt and a maxi skirt for this beauty and added a hat.. You could never go wrong with hats. I used a maxi skirt for varies reasons:

  1.  Very comfortable and flattering on so many levels.
  2. Maxi’s will grip you in all the right places.
  3. They come in beautiful patterns,vibrid colors, and styles. Good for any occasion.
  4. You dont have to break the bank to look glamerous.

Safari skirt with a soft blue jersey.

Maxi skirts are here to stay.

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