RompHim for the summer.

“Oh that’s gay, any woman who dates a man in a romper is insane!” Those are the closed minded statements I continue to hear regarding the male version of rompers a.k.a. RompHim. RompHim is trending news in 2017 summer trends for men. If you haven’t heard or seen the sexy rompers I will give you my quick review.

The RompHim is a masculine romper for the male community. I used the word masculine to describe the new male trend because the RompHim comes in different patterns, colors, material, and designs that does not give off a feminie aura or lifestyle.

I believe viewers are taken back the idea of men wearing a short set jumpsuit because woman wore them first. Contrary, if the universe didn’t see woman rocking the rompers prior to men this fashion trend would not even be an issue for soceity. 

Personally, I can dig the RompHim. If your a confident male with style, this look can definitely be pulled off with the right body type, attitude, and accesories. Besides men have worn rompers in many flims. It’s not as if men haven’t been wearing full jumpsuits before this trend has blown up so majorly. Ex: Dickie suits were a hot commidty at one point and every man had to have one. Cut the pants legs off your Dickie suit and wala you have yourself a RompHim! You’ve been wearing one without knowledge.

I could see Bruno Mars, Chris Brown, or Andre 3000 wearing a RompHim and pulling it off in a nice, sexy, graceful way. I like the idea and if my guy decided to rock him one we can be twinzies! Confidence is the key.

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