“The Ultimate Universal sandal”.

Working a full-time job, raising a baby, assisting in fashion shows, shopping, running errands… the list goes on because my day never ends. While doing all those things listed, I like to keep it comfy and stylish. That’s why I was esatcic to spread the word about Teva sandals.

Teva sandals can be worn for all seasons especially spring and summer months. They are easy on your feet for extensive walks such as: amusement parks, festivals, concerts and hiking adventures. During fall and winter months you can get flirty and add printed socks. I freaking love the socks and sandal trend, definitely a style I will be trying out Fall 17′.

Another reason I love the Teva sandal is their cost efficient. If you want the name Teva you may pay anywhere from $50 -$80. Me on the other hand, I’m a more for your buck kind of gal so of course I found a similar pair at Target for $17 in several different colors. Another pro, Teva sandals are made for the entire family. I highly recommended parents to grab your little ones a pair for summer camp. Easy on and off velcro straps, matches well with appearl, not to mention the durable sole. This sandal looks very nice with dresses, skirts, and shorts. Perfect for casual events.Tevas has already dropped a new summer line, but I’ll be waiting on Target to bring more discounted patterns and colors.

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