A Taste of Dallas

City walking, dancing, multiple food trucks, and beautiful art was everything I needed. Life becomes heckit and sometimes you need to get away from your eveyday surroundings and catch a breathe. Check out a few photos from my mini vacation while visting Dallas, Texas.

While touring the city, a nice pair of sunglasses and a hat helps to protect you from the summer heat.

The story behind this dress below is hilarious my snapchat friends know all about my situationship. Follow me @ Afrotunes for the next adventure.

Traveling to hot Dallas, Texas I knew a protective style would be needed for my natural. I was inspired by Rihanna braids, so I decided to do an at home hairstyle for under $20 myself and use some old yarn from Michael’s as an accessory to add spice.

Dress: Target. Shoes: Nine West. Basketbag: Local thrift store

Being a music lover I’m always on the hunt for artists and tour dates, especially my favorite artists.

Kendrick Lamar at the American Airlines Center

Concert tips

  1. Loose clothing, for all the moving and grooving you will participating in during the show.
  2. Do your dogs a favor and wear comfortable shoewear, there will be line waiting, stair climbing, and hours of standing.
  3. Ladies crossbody purses are our best friends or even a fanny pack which I prefer.
  4. Last but not least add your style whether that be sunglasses, wigs, funky hair pieces, or creative makeup.

Concert vibes with Kendrick Lamar, Travis Scott, and DRAM
Can’t go to Texas and not eat tacos. This restaurant was easy on my pockets and fulfilling on my tummy. A Pick 3!

I enjoyed the city streets of Dallas and everything it had to offer. Traveling will spark our imginations and feed our curosity.

Summer 17′.

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