Teen Choice 2017 Favors

Last night’s red carpet was smoking from the hot celebrities that hit the LA scene for Teen Choice Awards. Everyone looked fabulous whether they took home a surfboard or was there to perform. Narrowing down my favorite looks was challenging but here are my top 6 fashion choices from last night’s award ceremony.

  1. Zendaya gave an amazing speech to the young and took home her surfboard for the Spider-Man: Homecoming film while wearing her effortlessly pajamas and heels. Did you feel TLC “Creep” vibes? I surely did!
  2. Naya Rivera served double denim on a silver platter. Destroyed jeans and denim cleavage was a statement for sure giving conformation denim will not go out of style!
  3. Yari Shahidi Kept it high school flirty sporting red track pants, a sequin top, and a pink bomber jacket. She even stopped to speak with ET about the tragic events happeing in Charolettesville. 
  4. Rita Ora colors couldn’t have been a better match. She wore a hot pink wrap around dress accessorizing with body jewelry, in addition to her spunky yellow hair color for more flavor. Smoking mamcita!
  5. Vanessa Hudgens received the “See Her” award, and boy did we see her! Expressing her individuality in purple feng shui. Giving off royalty and high spirituality vibes.
  6. Ryan Destiny melanin was so unapologetic that I almost forgot to mention her amazing outfit. She wore a yellow uplifting above the knee length coat by Damir Doma putting the icing on the cake.

I do not own any rights to these photos.

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