Food, Shoes, and Games for $20.

Whenever there is an event I plan to attend, my mind automatically goes to the famous question “What do I wear”? I prefer to know ahead of time for events, that way I can plan accordingly for my outfits, babysitters, and other stress factors that I can eliminate.

This week I was excited to hear that @MagicCityFashionWeek was hosting an event for designers. There was an event hosted for bloggers on last Wednesday that I had to forfeit due to motherly duties, so once I got word about this week event and I saw my schedule was clear I jumped on outfit ideas.. After planning for a birthday party and back to school my coins are pretty tight so I knew I needed to mix and match clothes from my closet and if buying something was an option, it would have to be in a $20 budget.. Well guess what people?!!? I beat that $20 limit by $16.50 let me tell you how.

I always admired the Gucci mule slippers and I never got around to buying a pair nor were they in my budget, although the Gucci’s were never an option for me I wanted the knock off version. I went on a venture to the local thrift store in hopes of finding a pair of mules but there weren’t any, a plus is I found a camouflage jacket but that’s a post for another day! Went next door to Citi Trends and BOOM! A size 8.5 was there waiting on mama(me), but wait there’s more….the mules were marked down to $3.50. In my mind nothing else was needed, this was a blessing for me and surely I had something in that closet of mine I could match up.




My mule slippers aren’t Gucci branded but they were fashionable and cost efficient. I used the money I saved from these shoes to purchase a Baron’s game ticket and support the black business of Tot Spot with friends. By the way you should definitely support the black business of Tot Spot they have delicious gourmet tater tots and awesome customer service!  Follow him fb @Totspottruck.



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