“Don’t fit in let people fit you”

CEO of BGR Bevercyle Bond

“Don’t fit in let people fit you” quoted by actress, writer, director, and producer Issa Rae on tonight’s Black Girl’s Rock 2017. Being a black woman myself raising a black daughter, this quote hit home  and stuck to me like glue.

As a black girl you have all these comparisons to other races and standards of what society says you should and shouldn’t be. You may not fit in with the crowd or your peers but that’s not such a bad thing, you see you have to be you in order to be great and once you find you and loose the mentality or stop squeezing into that box that society wants to place us in, you will then affect others who see the beauty in your magic.

Taraji Henson is a jack of all trades

Tonight’s BGR17′ was phenomenal. From the all girl band to the starring host Taraji P. Henson who looked amazing in every piece she wore. The performances were amazing, SZA was the opening act setting the high energetic tone for the show. Mrs. Tasha Cobbs served God and us with her metallic max dress bringing many blessings. We then had the heartfelt performance with India Arie and Tyrese Gibson duet “Feels Like Makin’ Love”  and “Where is the love”.  To top it off the blackboy joy Anthony Hamilton hit the stage looking like 24karats in his gold suit, giving a elegant and vibrant black love performance.

Mrs. Cobbs blesses us with her voice and this magnificent maxi dress
Indian Arie our flowerchild shirt states “WORTHY” while on stage with Tyrese

The way the black girl house was lit, you would have thought there was an disco ball with all the glowing, sparkling, and glitter that was shining like diamonds. There were so many beautiful woman in the room, different personalities, hairstyles, skin complexions, and they all had one thing in common….. black girl magic! Although i was on my couch watching from a far, the energy made me feel like I was in the room with strong black mentors.

Blackwall street engineer Susan Shanks

Some of my favorite inspirational quotes from BGR17:

  • “We are all awkward”~ Issa Rae
  • “The sky is not the limit only the view” ~Taraji Henson
  • “Thrive together and rise together” ~ Yara Shahidi
  • “Be the author of our own stories”~ Beverly Bond
  • “I am you and you are me” ~Maxine Waters

Favorite moments from BGR17 is seeing my soul sistah Solange receive her Rock star award. I adore the rich love she has for our people and the art she presents without apology. Her hair and wardrobe is always what I need.

Solange giving an Ode to black woman
Aunt Maxine, Issa Rae, & Harvard student Yari Shahidi

Congresswoman A.K.A. Aunt Maxine Waters received the social humanitarian award which was breathe taking. She moved the crowd with her powerful speech and her inspiration to continue to be a powerful strong black woman.

Roberta Flack gives her speech from her wheelchair telling us we are all beautiful

This ceremony is much needed to inspire, give ambition, and motivate more black woman to reach their peak. I am so grateful to be alive in a time where black woman are celebrated! I have to get out and do more for our community. How are you influencing the community?

Feel free to comment and follow my page. Thank you for reading.

*I don’t own rights to these photos*


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