Trash to Treasure Silver to Gold.. What’s old???

What if I told you the items in your closet that you consider trash or outdated is actually what you need this upcoming season?

I’ve been in the DIY spirit for the upcoming fall season, flipping through magazine after magazine looking to piggyback off ideas. Fall is one of my favorite seasons. This time of the year is when I feel more alive, enthused, and creative. 

There will be a shopping trip in my near future, probably nowhere fancy but the thrift store… but I wanted to also see what old items I had stashed in the back of my closet that could be made new again and you can do the same!

I came across a jean jacket from the Bershka Collection (shoutout to Pinterest) that I immediately fell in love with, but I didn’t want to break the bank to have this specific look. The jacket was different and I had never seen anyone wear something as experimental as this tie jean jacket. Seeing this piece triggered my trip to Hobby Lobby to pick up $10 worth of items, in which this sistah had a coupon bringing my total to $8 and some change. I bought ring hooks, fabric glue, and ribbon.. Oh and a couple other nick nacks for a future project that I will be sharing with you soon.

The original Bershka tie jacket

Revamped $3 thrift store jacket.

In all honesty, this project was fairly easy. If your going to recreate this look the only advice I would give you is to add as many silver hooks and ties as you want. When I recreated this look I was skeptical about how many ties to add but if I could redo the Bershka project, I would add more everything I just might go back and add distressed effects. This revamped jacket may get revamped a second time depending on my mood and the occasion.

Stay tuned there will be more inspired revamped pieces coming soon. Especially sweaters, those are always fun to play with and create.

What are you going to revamp, recycle, or recreate this season? 

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