“An Ode to Decades”

All my fashionista are aware this past week was big for New York. NY Fashion week was definitely popping all over social media, but don’t count out the dirty south. You see we are putting Birmingham, Alabama on the map with the hottest models, designers, and artist giving everyone a chance to shine regardless of age, shape, color, size, or gender.

Ms. DeAngela Pippens A.K.A. Dee Dee put together an amazing vintage show at the Bessemer Civic Center: D Hollywood Royale “An Ode to Decades” were proceeds went to E.Y.E.S., a Young Girls Mentor Program located in Wennonah. 

In the building we had designers such as: Rebelle Threadz, Styles by Jay, Handmade Brillance, London‘s Touch and many more just to name a few. 

Rebelle Threadz opening the show with our babies!
Hip Hop cultural graphic tee and skirt.
Throwback school days when girls wore ruffle socks.
Styles by Jay could be talking makeup or fashion. He was one of my favorites throughout this show. 
A caramel button down off the shoulder dress with a custom Styles by Jay belt. The suede is perfect for fall season! 
The owner of Handmade Brillance Ms. Sakovia Finklea rocks a casual but sexy oversized denim jacket with plum color pumps.
80’s fashion with Janelle Monae vibes. Another one of my favorite looks from the show.
Boonie and Clyde energy. Windbreaker pants are making a come back.
Red is your go to color for fall season. The lazy pajamas sets are sexy|cool|fun.
This screams “The Great Gatsby”. Very, very Vintage and classy. Wear your white after Labor Day honey and wear it well!
Radio personality “Krys Cole” hosted the show in her beautiful and creative Deck of Cards.
 Model Megan Lucinda spreads her wings gracefully giving the audience butterflies.. Literally!
We could not forget about the men’s fashion. Again we see the fierce red color. I love the scarf accessory added to the right.
Models tearing the runway to shreds.
Ms. Dee Dee makes a statement “Big Girls Been Winning”  boss, thick, fine, fab all of that and more!
Ms. Dee Dee closed out her magnificent show with love, leaving me as an honoree!

If you missed the “Ode to Decades” show, you missed a wonderful treat but don’t worry I have you covered as always with the best fashion topics, ideas, and designs. Hope you enjoyed!

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