Velvet Crush

I’m going to be quite honest with you, I was not always a velvet fan. Anytime I thought of velvet, I imagined a gross ugly fabric color that old people wore that made you hot and sweaty. You could not pay me to wear velvet anything. As I vibrate higher and become older my taste buds for fashion has changed. I have come out of the simple-minded way of seeing fashion and began thinking more broadly, leaving me with this crush for velvet.

Designers are using bold and vibrant colors to bring out the best in this luxurious trend. During New York Fashion week, velvet made a bold statement in royal blue, yellow, and soft pink. You may have seen celebrities from Kendell Jenner, to Iman, and Rita Ora jump on the bandwagon with the velvet trend. Yes, of course wearing the ordinary black velvet is still an option, but be creative if you chose this color. Personally, I plan to go against the grain and pull out as much velvet colors this fall season as possible.

I understand you may not be walking down a runway like the models at NYFW or in London, so you maybe asking the questions…

Where might I be going wearing  velvet? How do I wear velvet with style and grace? 

Glad you asked!

  1. Weddings– If attending a wedding this fall or an anniversary celebration, this would be a perfect time to pull out your velvet dress and glamorize it with some bling bling jewels.

  2. Parties– A birthday party  is also a good time to keep velvet in mind. Especially for Christmas and New Year’s parties, all eyes will be on you.

  3. Dinner dates- whether with friends or a nice intimate setting, your velvet pieces will give an elegant vibe at the dinner table as you sip your wine or water whichever your drink of choice maybe for the night.

    Ri Ri knows exactly what to do with her velvet. Moto jackets are a great asset to your velvet trend.
    Layering never gets old. Add long sleeves and turtlenecks to your dress.
    Adding color to your soild black velvet pops out more.
    Spunky and creative. Oversize sweaters and jackets are a nice combination to pair with your velvet skirts.
    Beautiful color to have in your closet. Lazy velvet is cool too.

    While growing with the fashion industry and no longer being afraid to express self confidence, my perspective for velvet is now viewed as glamorous, elegant, sexy, and bold. Make a statement this year, I promise you will not regret this trend. 

    To be a “velvet crush” you do not have to break your bank account. Be sure to check your local thrift stores for apparel. I’m all for looking good on a budget. Feel free to send me photos or express your thoughts on the fall velvet trend.

    *Shoutout to Pinterest for these photos.*



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